Native & Rare - North Ronaldsay Mutton

Date: 31st May 2022

Location: Fhior

Time: 19:00

Price: £70

We are joining up with MacDuff 1890, a top-quality Scottish meat producer, for an exclusive evening of some incredibly special, mutton tasting.

MacDuff will be supplying us one of their most unique products - North Ronaldsay mutton, which they only source once a year, and something we have only managed to use at the restaurant once before.

North Ronaldsay sheep, aka the seaweed eating sheep, are from the Northernmost island of Orkney and are one of the rarest breeds and one of only two seaweed eating mammals in the world. The flavour and texture of the meat they produce is truly unique. MacDuff have a passion for Scottish rare and Native breeds.

Scott and his team will be curating a 5-course tasting menu with every dish highlighting a different cut of this exceptional animal.

Alongside this dinner you will hear from the farmers/producers themselves on the importance of preserving our breeds and also learn more about the life of the animals who live on this remote island.


What to expect?

  • 5 course tasting menu
  • Insight into a unique product
  • Guest speakers

MacDuff 1890

MacDuff, based in Lanarkshire, are a meat wholesale supplier who specialise in beef, lamb, mutton & rare-breed pork and supply to top-end butchers and restaurants across the UK and abroad. Sourcing only from Scottish farms, MacDuff only supply the highest quality meat Scotland has to offer.

North Ronaldsay 1