Meet The Team

The food

Scott Smith

Scott trained in kitchens since the age of 15 and most notably with Michelin-Starred chef Geoffrey Smeddle at The Peat Inn with always the intention of  opening his own restaurant. After learning the classics, Scott began the process of “unlearning” the repertoire to begin creating his own distinctive cooking style focused on identity and clarity of flavour. Scott opened his first restaurant, Norn, when he was 27. His food and creative drive soon brought it many awards and accolades, putting it at the forefront as one of the best restaurants in Scotland.

His creativity, passion and determination is continued at Fhior, which he opened with his wife Laura in 2018. Further honing his unique style of cooking and constantly focusing on driving standards on both the plate and in the workplace.

His goal is to see Scottish food represented on the world’s culinary map.

The Boss

Laura Smith

Laura is the glue that keeps Fhior, and Scott together.

Not prepared to put up with a husband who lived in the hope of one day living his dream, Laura set about making it happen. With a very varied background spanning continents and industries, Laura’s highly unusual skillset has provided the framework from which to showcase Scott’s wonderful culinary imagination. You will most likely find her welcome you on your arrival to Fhior, but also just as likely up a ladder wiring in new lights, behind a computer, fixing the till or handling PR…

The wine

Stuart Skea

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry Stuart has honed a fine palate, and an extraordinary back catalogue memory of wines. When asked by someone how he knew a particular wine would work with a particular dish his answer was “oh, it’s just something I tasted 10 years ago, I just thought it would work well with it…” Stuart started off in wines when there weren’t really any sommeliers in Scotland and has set the bar high. Well regarded in the industry, and by his colleagues at Fhior, we are very lucky to have someone like him working with us bringing skill, passion and expertise to your drinking experience.


Our Team

Sous Chef


John assists Scott on the day-to-day running of the kitchen and in the creation of the menu. With experience in some of Europe’s best kitchens under his belt, he is steady, calm , passionate and always reliable.

Chef de Rang


Hannah is responsible for a section of our restaurant, ensuring our guests needs are met and excelled. Very warm and welcoming, she has a way of bringing laughter to the tables.

Chef de Partie


Claire is our newest member of the kitchen team. She is ambitious, driven, focused and positive, and has quickly become a strong addition to our team. 

Chef de Rang


Sheila is our newest member of the restaurant team and looks after the experience of the guests on her section. She has a passion for hospitality, always with energy and smiling.

Kitchen Porter


Kitchen porter are usually the unsung heroes of a restaurant. Matt keeps our kitchen and the restaurant ticking. Helping the kitchen with daily preparation and keeping his section spotless.


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