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Welcome to Fhior

Fhior, an adaptation of the word for  ‘true’ in Gaelic, was opened in June 2018 by Scott and Laura Smith with the vision to create a dining experience that is reflective of the restaurant’s namesake. Fhior gives an offering that is true to both the produce and the guest.

We believe that serious food and wine should not only be accessible, but should also be playful and light-hearted, and remembering that we should not take ourselves so seriously in providing excellence.

Fhior allows you to enjoy food and hospitality delivered with passion and skill, without pretension.

The food

At the heart of everything is sourcing. All of our menus and dishes begin with this as our primary focus. We want to highlight a key ingredient in the peak of its season and creatively enhance its vibrancy and flavour.

It is important to us that our food has a strong identity with its roots firmly in Scottish produce.

Fhior offers three menus.


This is our full dining experience that delivers a constantly evolving set menu utilising the best produce available here and now. The choice is simple, 4 or 7 courses and the option of a carefully selected drinks pairing.

4 courses – £40

7 courses – £65


At lunch we like to put the guest in control of their menu. We offer an a la carte menu that doesn’t follow the usual format. There is a selection of individual plates designed to be enjoyed by each person or shared with the table. The food arrives as and when it is ready and additional dishes can be ordered throughout the meal. Casual, informal and social eating.


Our bar menu is available throughout the day. This menu is designed to be enjoyed with a drink in our bar area. Simple, small bite size snacks that follow the same attention to detail as our other menus follow.

The wine

We believe that the wines we serve should reflect our food philosophy: great produce is always down to the craft and passion of the people producing it. This is as true for wine as it is for food. Therefore, the wines we have chosen are made by artisanal, small domaine wine-makers, following an organic, biodynamic and natural path – crafted by people rather than companies.

We give as much attention to the pairing of the drinks with the food as we do to the creation of the plate of food itself. We offer wine pairings with the dinner menu as well as a full wine list and wines by the glass.

Reserve a table


Wednesday – Saturday from 18:00

Friday & Saturday from 12:30

Wednesday & Thursday from 18:00

Friday & Saturday from 12:00 

How to find us

We can be found in the centre of Edinburgh, with easy access to all rail and road links. We’re also within easy walking distance of Waverley Train station and Edinburgh Bus Station.

Fhior, 36 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SB

Phone: 0131 477 5000

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36 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SB